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21st April - Easter Sunday - Resurrection

26 April 2019

Resurrection - Easter Sunday

Resurrection Life! The Resurrection is truth, and not just any truth but a smack-bang in your face kind of truth. It's vital for us as Christians to believe this truth as it forms the foundation of our faith. There's many people who will try and claim it's not true, but we have to hold fast to it. This truth gives us life and life eternally.

14th April - Living v.s. Existing

14 April 2019

Living v.s. Existing

Gareth Brown talks on the crucial difference between living and existing, thinking about the signs of existence and life he saw in Moldova.

31st March - Baptism - New Life

02 April 2019

Baptism - New Life

Along with the Testimonies of Tatiana & Fadzi, Tanya talks on the abundant life that God has given to us, but that we have been cut off from. She explains that God lays out how we can reconnect to this new life once more.

24th March - Dedication - Choice

24 March 2019

Dedication - Choice

The Dedication of Harry, Caleb & John gives us all an opportunity to consider the God as the master scientist, who has deliberately chosen to create a world for us to discover and give us a chance to make our own choice for the offer that God has presented us with.

17th March - Journey through Psalm 23 - The Final Destination

17 March 2019

Journey through Psalm 23 - The Final Destination

Ending the Journey through Psalm 23 at our final destination. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus on a journey of surrender, discover and danger prepares us to be "thermostat" Christians that change the temperature and atmosphere and not just "thermometer" Christians that just tell us the problems but are not prepared to engage in the solutions

10th March - Journey through Psalm 23 - The Feast

10 March 2019

Psalm 23 - The Feast

Chris invites us all to feast at the specific table that God has created specifically for each of us.

24th February - Journey through Psalm 23 - Renewal, Guidance & Honour

24 February 2019

Psalm 23 - Renewal, Guidance and Honour

Kevin investigates Verse 3 from different perspectives, looking at the different ways in which translations have approached these words of renewal, guidance and honour for God.

17th February - Journey though Psalm 23 - The Shepherd

18 February 2019

Psalm 23 - The Shepherd

Richard Berry speaks on the Shepherd of Psalm 23 and deeply consider what it means. The image of fluffy sheep on idyllic green rolling hills is one we have surrounded ourselves with, but doesn't represent the truth of what this verse means. The Shepherd sacrifices all for their sheep - and we should always remember that.

Fresh Start from Christians against Poverty

11 February 2019


fresh start from Christians against Poverty

7th @CAPuk Fresh Start Group - Weds 27th of March 2019 for 8 weeks - 13.00-14.15 with free lunch from 12.00 at raglan road church, Smethwick, B66 3ND.

find friendship, change habits, discover freedom

support to help you overcome life controlling dependencies that you are facing

This could include smoking, drinking, comfort eating, pornography, social media or gambling to name a few

This could be the help that your spouse, family member, friend, neighbour, colleague at work needs to kick their controlling dependency

To find out more; give us a ring on 07460 610089 or email or speak to CAP on freephone 0800 328 0006 who will send me a message

I cannot praise this group enough. I was drinking heavily. This lead to a suicide attempt and hospitalisation. I didn’t join the first group but I joined the next group with little expectation. I felt beyond help and this was the last chance. I was at my lowest point. I don’t recall a moment when I wasn’t drunk or heavily hungover. The first session was on 3rd of May. I turned up extremely worse for wear. Joining this group was the best thing I ever did. The Cap format is excellent, giving people chance to talk and express themselves. The programme helps you think in alternate ways. It gives you a whole new way of looking at things. I rarely drink now. I am also free of tranquilisers and antidepressants. I am now about to start work after 3 years. When I started the CAP Release Group, I rarely left my bed accept to go to the sofa, the pub or the off licence at 2.00 am. I can’t thank CAP enough.

3rd February 2019 - Journey through Psalm 23 - Introduction

03 February 2019

Psalm 23 - The Names of God

Gareth Brown speaks on the well known words of Psalm 23. He asks us to consider the words that many know by heart and to instead take them into our heart. Looking through the verses of the Psalm, seven names of God are demonstrated within a single chapter of the Bible.

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