Study for Life begins at rrcc - These are our Green Introductory Sessions

24 February 2014

We are trusting God that we will really "Get more than we bargained for" as we begin on our journey of discovery in God's Word over the next 3 years.


Study for Life Green Resources

Sunday 20th of Jan 2013 - Derrick Harrison starts us off in Module 1 - Who is God?

RRCCTV - Who is God and What is he Like?

Sunday 23rd of March 2013 - Derrick Harrison starts us off in Module 2 - What is the Bible?

RRCCTV - The Most Important Book in the World

Sunday 9th of June 2013 - Richard Berry starts us off in Module 3 - Old Testament Overview

RRCCTV - Why the Old Testament?

Sunday 29th of October 2013 - Derrick Harrison & Graham Gordon start off Module 4 - New Testament Overview

RRCCTV - What is the New Testament Anyway?

Sunday 19th of January 2014 -Derrick Harrisons begins Module 5 - Who is Christ?

RRCCTV - Who do Men say that He is?

Sunday 25th of May 2014 - Derrick Harrison begins Module 6 - What is Salvation

RRCCTV - Salvation - What's it all about

Sunday 14th of September - Derrick Harrison begins Module 7 - What is Man?

RRCCTV - The Heart of the Matter

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