What's been said in 2017

13 February 2017

Sunday 1st of January 2017

Born to rise - Miriam Sadler

Sunday 8th of January 2017

Born to reign - Gareth Brown

Sunday 15th of January 2017

Born to restore - launch of Sandwell Release Group - Dianne Kruczek

Sunday 22nd of January 2017

Born to be wild ... dream - Kevin Sadler

Sunday 29th of January 2017

Christ lives in you - Richard Berry

Sunday 5th of February 2017

All Age meeting - Grace - Derek Hartill and friends

Sunday 12th of February 2017

You are made for a purpose - Dave Latham

Sunday 19th of February 2017

The Lord covers us - Jer 29:11 - Gareth Brown

Sunday 26th of February 2017

New wine and new wineskins - Kevin Sadler

Sunday 12th of March 2017

Reality Check - "I am the Good Shepherd" - Richard Berry

Sunday 19th of March

Reality Check - "I am the True Light" - Gareth Brown

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